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What does karma mean?
Article by: KarmaVille Staff
January 16, 2012

No doubt you've heard of good and bad karma before - perhaps you're even aware of it as a sort of "moral capital." But what does all of this mean? What's the underlying philosophy here? According to the Buddha Dharma Education Association, it's essentially the law of moral causation, and one of the central tenants of Buddhism, as well as several other Eastern religions.

The Buddha explains karma as the answer to the question of "the inequality that exists among mankind." Buddhists believe that no action happens to a person purely by accident, so it stands to reason that there are cosmic influences at work that determine our entire lives. This is where karma comes in. According to Buddhist texts, good deeds bear fruit, either in this life or the next. Bad deeds bear fruit of their own, but the payoff can be a negative one.

You don't have to be religious to reap the benefits of karma, either. Acting selflessly in habits, dispositions and tendencies can yield positive results in this very life you're living. A good attitude can be infectious and lead to boundless opportunities in the future.

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