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Spring Health Benefits: 6 Reasons To Love The Season
Article by: KarmaVille Staff
March 21, 2013

Spring Health Benefits: 6 Reasons To Love The Season                      


Winter is officially over and spring is here.  No more bulky jackets, layers of thermals, freezing cold cars, dead grass, frozen plants, etc.  We can now go about in t-shirts and sandals, windows open, outdoor activities and much more. 


Here are six reasons to love springtime from HuffingtonPost.com


Fruits And Veggies Are At Their Prime

The bounty of fresh produce available in the spring has us drooling. While you can find many of your favorites year-round, now is the time to revel in local, seasonal goodies.


Daylight, Daylight, Daylight

In the winter, vitamin-D-producing sunlight can be hard to come by. A lack of this important nutrient can put your bones at risk, hurt your immunity and impair healthy muscle and nerve functioning. Come spring, you can more easily soak up what your body needs. (Just remember not to spend too much time in the sun without protecting yourself with SPF!)


Warmer Temps Mean More Time Outside

And more time outside means better mental and physical health. As temperatures rise, you'll be more inclined to venture outdoors. Research suggests that spending time in nature can seriously improve your health, from reducing stress and lowering blood pressure to even fighting cancer. A small Japanese study from 2008 linked time spent in the woods with a significant jump in white blood cells.


Best Spring Foods For Health from HuffingtonPost.com


Calorie Burn Climbs

So what if that New Year's Resolution ran out of gas in February? You might find yourself more motivated to stick to a new routine with the onset of warmer weather, exercise physiologist Amy Dixon told Self.com. It's not too hot outside yet, and all of a sudden bathing suit season is around the corner!


De-Germing Does A Body Good

Spring cleaning sounds like a bore, but ridding your home, car, office or playroom of bacteria, mold, dust and other grime can keep you free of spring colds and help you cope better with seasonal allergies. Plus, all that window washing and floor sweeping burns some calories, too -- about 85 for every 30 minutes of cleaning, to be exact.


Your Efforts Pay Off

If you've been trying for a little one all winter, you might find your luck has changed come spring. Just like the blossoms all around you, you might be more fertile in warmer weather, according to a 2010 study. The researchers examined more than 1,900 women undergoing in vitro fertilization treatment and found one particular hormone was higher in the spring and a 45 percent higher fertilization rate during the season.


Why do you love the spring?


Source: huffingtonpost.com

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Posted By: MizCeeDub | 3/21/13 11:50 PM
Warmer weather , yeah!!! I love Spring...
Posted By: BensonThe3rd | 3/22/13 2:46 PM
Not me... I do like the Spring, but that means a HOT summer is around the corner. I live in (South) Saudi Arabia "and it's dam hot there girl." Peace-out girl scout.
Posted By: kindredspirit | 3/24/13 12:14 PM
I love Spring, hate the allergies! Love summer, hate cold, rain...
Posted By: sulli | 3/26/13 2:18 PM
Its a love hate relationship for me because I miss the snow

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