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Ten Reasons to Still Believe in Mankind
Article by: KarmaVille Staff
March 22, 2013

Ten Reasons to Still Believe in Mankind

When you turn on the news, most of what you hear is reports about crime and all the bad that is occurring in the world.  A man murdered 3 people last night, a student was bullied by his peers and is now in the hospital, a family was robbed, etc.  When it comes to the media, we hear more about the bad than we do the good.  It is easy to loose faith in mankind. 

Don’t loose your faith just yet, there is still good in our world, lots of it.  Here at KarmaVille, we report good news all over the world on our front page, and HuffingtonPost.com has an entire section called “Good News”.

Here are 10 reasons to still believe in mankind from AHostageSituation.HubPages.com:

1. People Still Show Up.

Our lives happen somewhere in the spectrum between maddening grief, and mind-blowing joy. No one's life is at either end of the spectrum all of the time; our lives are a fluctuating range between the two. But when real life goes really right, or really wrong, people show up. When the unspeakable happens in the community, and some, like me, would rather be setting something on fire, we show up with candles, and support. People show up. When it gets good--when people marry, welcome their child, buy their homes, graduate from college, get baptized--people show up. And life is bad sometimes, and can cause you the kind of pain that is so intense it can take on its own life form and share your breakfast, but people still show up. People show the heck up. Still.

2. People Are Still Outraged By Depravity.

The news is on, and it's usually not good. If aliens (the kind from outer space), watched 24 hours of our news, they'd likely never come here. But there is something to be said for the fact that horrible news is still horrible to most of us. Maybe we are actively upset, and spurred to action, maybe we turn our heads, but the idea that human suffering is still not okay to most of us means all is not lost. 

3. People Still Believe in God.

We can't seem to come to agreement about God, who He might be, or what He might want. We do group off, worship God in the way we see best, and if we're not careful, mistreat others for not doing the same. There are certainly negative aspects to religion, and I've known many a kind, considerate and reasonable atheist. But Stevie Nicks said it best in a song, "we all believe in people that we think believe in God." I've studied a lot, and I can crack my knuckles and hold my own in a discussion about what it is that I believe. I wouldn't believe it otherwise. I hope everyone can explain their own core beliefs well. But without a laborious discussion about theology, I usually don't have those without a snack first, there's just something magnetic about those with the audacity to believe in the unseen. At the end of the day, none of our contemporaries were around for the origin of man, and nothing can be proven completely without that one elusive piece of the puzzle. There's something to be said for the educated person who takes that one giant loophole in both Intelligent Design thesis, and Evolution thesis and decides to believe. There is still reason to believe in mankind when there exists the person who has reviewed the evidence, knows the opposing view, and decides to call his surroundings a deliberate and intelligent act from someone greater than himself. It's promising.

4. People Are Still Reaching Out to Other People.

There are still people running blindly into burning buildings, stopping at car wrecks to help out, and giving money to homeless strangers. People are still sticking their necks out, and stretching their hands out. And it ain't easy, and some of us who reach out will tell you the tales of how our outstretched hands were returned to our sides with bite marks. Tough world, and oftentimes, the people who need your help the most will put up the hardest fight. People will question your intentions, your motives, your actions, and what it is your help will cost. I'll never forget the patient who ran from our unit, filthy, barefoot, screaming, homeless, and pregnant, all because she wouldn't be helped by strangers. But here's the secret--the people who reach out have already been bitten once or twice before. We're used to it, and if we're still reaching out, it means we can take the occasional hit, because there's another secret here. Sometimes, it works. Sometimes you reach out to someone, they kick, and scream, and swear you're the devil, and then they take your hand. Even if this only ever happens once in our lives, it's worth it to the type of people who go to help. Those who reach out are in it for the sometimes.

5. People Still Love.

Against all odds, people will get hurt in love and get right back in the game. Whether it's family love, romantic love, or brotherly love. Even the fearful, hardened, and bitter still love. Even when people don't want to love anymore, they still do. Even when love means the greatest of risks, people still play their hand. The fact that many still feel their life is only a measurement of who, and how much they loved, gives all of us a reason to still believe in mankind.

6. People Still Make Music.

We should build. We should invest, we should fix and we should grow things. But art matters, and if all we ever did was build, fix, and invest, what would we be doing those things for? Making music, painting canvas, producing films--these things are part of what makes us mankind, and if we keep going, then we are building, investing in, and fixing our souls. 

7. People Still Want To Be Around Other People.

Some of us love our space. I am definitely one that could not love solitude more--when I can get it. But I love people. I learn from them, I laugh with them, I grow because of them. I wrote a hub on what I'd learned from joining facebook, and I wish I had included that social networking shows that we really want to know each other. I don't think it's the best way to communicate, but social networking is just people wanting to be heard, wanting to hear more, wanting to connect. Apparently, we want to know what our friends are thinking, doing, eating, and where they're headed. It matters to us. We care about each other enough to stay curious. If we all still want to know each other, and be around each other, than there must be something worthwhile about mankind that makes us want to find our community of support and cultivate it. We all must be worth the effort.

8. People Are Still Waiting For The World To Change.

We know it needs to. I was living and working in Washington D.C. during part of the election year and Obama Inauguration. It was one of the most heated political times I have ever seen in this country. For all the ways people disagreed on how to fix the United States, it was as if people suddenly woke up. It was as if everyone who had been passively American were suddenly citizens of their country. People argued, and it was good, it showed they cared. People came out of hibernation and took note of their own surroundings, and what they wanted to be different. People voted. People flocked from deadened states to worship at the holy church of "Change." People know that things have to change, and whether they are looking towards the White House or the White Clouds for that change, it shows that mankind as a whole still believes things can get better. It means mankind, as a whole believes in belief.

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Source: ahostagesituation.hubpages.com

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Posted By: BensonThe3rd | 3/22/13 2:42 PM
You know It's good to hear some positivity in the media... All this bad news wears on me. Thats why I like this site.
Posted By: kindredspirit | 3/24/13 12:12 PM
This is such a great article
Posted By: kevinYucks89 | 3/25/13 1:17 PM
There is still a lot of good things and people out there just getting harder to come by.
Posted By: sulli | 3/26/13 2:17 PM
Adorable picture!
Posted By: 2BorNot | 3/26/13 2:23 PM
I come here and read good news when I lose faith!:)

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