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Krispy Kreme Gives 'A Thousand' Donuts To Engaged Couple
Article by: KarmaVille Staff
April 02, 2013

Krispy Kreme Gives 'A Thousand' Donuts To Engaged Couple                             


David Lewis of Centennial, Colorado purposed to his girlfriend Elly Steinmetz on Sunday, and Krispy Kreme helped them to make their special day “even sweeter”. 


Steinmetz told The Huffington Post that her and Lewis had shared a memorable day together where they had eaten Krispy Kreme donuts at a scenic overlook years before.  Lewis purposed at that same spot.  So fittingly, Krispy Kreme seemed like the right place for the two to celebrate.  When the couple asked a Krispy Kreme employee to take their picture and ordered a handful of donuts, the employee shocked them with way more. 


"Krispy Kreme gave us a THOUSAND doughnuts for getting engaged and coming here!" Steinmetz wrote on Facebook Sunday.


Steinmetz told The Huffington Post that Krispy Kreme gave them more donuts than she had ever seen at one time.


"They came with just bags and bags. And these boxes and boxes of donuts," Steinmetz said.


The employee’s stopped what they were doing to personally congratulate the newly engaged couple.


"It was really cool to see how happy they were for us," she said.


Click here to see what the couple did with all the donuts!



Source: huffingtonpost.com

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Posted By: IMking | 4/02/13 1:44 PM
So Sweet(get it)
Posted By: Putyurfeetup2 | 4/02/13 2:07 PM
a 1000 doughnut's goes right to a woman's hips, but they taste good on the lips!
Posted By: LimbsNLambs34 | 4/02/13 2:56 PM
Now I want one of those glazed ones....
Posted By: HazeMan22 | 4/03/13 3:34 PM
Darn it now I need to go get a donut
Posted By: MartianMike | 4/02/13 2:16 PM
ooooo I want one!
Posted By: cycomVP | 4/02/13 2:27 PM
Posted By: sarasmiles99 | 4/02/13 2:44 PM
They are already on a fasttrak for getting to be an overweight married couple :)
Posted By: kindredspirit | 4/04/13 11:45 PM
what the heck did they do with 1000 doughnuts?! Yikes!!!!

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