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Teenagers support close friend and go bald for charity
Article by: Karmaville Staff
April 03, 2013

Teenagers support close friend and go bald for charity                


Nine students from Wilmslow High School in the town of Wilmslow, Cheshire showed the world the strength of their friendship and loyalty by shaving their heads to show support for their buddy who has cancer and to raise money for Teenage Cancer Trust.


Tom Lee, 17, was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and his friends wanted to make sure they stood by their mate’s side and let him know that he was not alone.  Tom Sneyd, Jake Vaughan, Harry Stobart, Ollie Knight, Mike Loughlin, Harrison Peck, Seb Pemberton, Alex Lloyd and Tom Lee all went to the Barber shop and shaved their heads.


After setting up set up a Just Giving page and inviting people to donate whatever they could to their chosen cause, The Teenage Cancer Trust, donations poured in.  The teens raised nearly $5,000.


"At first we were not considering raising money but to only shave our heads to support Tom," Knight told wilmslow.co.uk.


"However, I'm so pleased we decided to because of the incredible sum we have raised. We all feel extremely proud!"


Alex Lloyd added, "The support from everyone so far has surpassed what we expected by a long, long way. I would like to thank every single person who has donated so far, the support they have given us, but more importantly the support for Tom and his family is astounding. We would appreciate it if people could continue to spread the word. The Teenage Cancer Trust does amazing work every day and deserve every penny they get."


If you would like to donate, visit Tom Lee's JustGiving page.



Source: wilmslow.co.uk

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Posted By: ThrowMeIn34 | 4/04/13 3:32 PM
Good to hear nice positive stories every once and a while!
Posted By: kindredspirit | 4/04/13 11:44 PM
This is awesome... I wish everyone had such wonderful friends like this...
Posted By: CrawdadK | 4/05/13 10:39 AM
True friends!

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