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Barcelona's Xavi Dedicates Champions League Goal to Cancer Sufferer
Article by: Karmaville Staff
April 05, 2013

Barcelona's Xavi Dedicates Champions League Goal to Cancer Sufferer

At the Champions League, Barcelona star Xavi carried out his promise to a young child who suffers from leukemia.

Early this week at the Champions League quarter-final Paris, the midfielder scored Barcelona's second goal of the evening, bringing the score to 1-2 -- and sparking an extra-special celebration, according to EuroSport.com.  After Xavi scored the point, he touched his head in acknowledgment to Miquel, a 10-year-old soccer fan of his.

Sports Mole reported that the soccer star had heard about Miquel on a radio program about cancer and the young boys struggle inspired him to make the young mans dream to meet him come true. 

According to Barcelona's official website, Xavi showed up at Miquel's hospital with a signed shirt and two promises.

"When you are cured, I’ll take you to a Barça training session," Xavi told him. "If I score against Milan, I’ll dedicate it to you by rubbing my head."                        

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Source: huffingtonpost.com

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Posted By: KramersBroAimer | 4/05/13 3:11 PM
That's a great story, I bet that kid was so excited! Nice.
Posted By: KarmaKenny925 | 4/11/13 3:10 PM
Thats like our "make a wish" in the U.S.
Posted By: kindredspirit | 4/06/13 12:28 AM
awwww what a sweetie!!!!!! That is so cool when ppl do this. Spread the inspiration all over! Other's will catch on and do the same!!!!
Posted By: maggiekisses | 4/07/13 12:29 PM
This guy is awesome! I could just imagine the the kid and how excited he was!
Posted By: Renters | 4/08/13 12:38 PM
Awesome dude!
Posted By: Ndirect | 4/08/13 3:00 PM
Miquel was the happiest kid on the planet at that moment

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