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The Law of Cause and Effect
Article by: Personal Development Coach
July 10, 2013

The law of cause and effect teaches that for every action there is an equal reaction.

You can use this law to your benefit if you understand what actions produce positive results.

By having such knowledge you will only cause positive effects in your life.

When people complain that their life is unhappy, this is because they caused such life. The cause was their negative state of mind.

There are broad and small causes to every effect. Everything starts with your mind therefore you can say that every effect was partially or completely caused by your state of mind.

For every specific effect there is a specific cause. For example, if your business is not profitable, it means that you did not provide enough value. You are paid equally for the value you create. If you hold something back and do not give everything you can, some profits will be held back from you too.

Some people want to be successful but they refuse to give everything they can to succeed. They refuse to get into good habits, learn new skills and create value. That is surely not going to bring them success.

You cannot get anything for free, everything comes with price.

If you think you are doing everything right but you still don’t see positive effects, it could be because you are outgrowing your past mistakes.

Maybe in the past you were negative and now you are still suffering negative effects that you caused. With time those negative effects will disappear and you will be left only with good effects.

The law of cause and effect also explains that you should never do something to others that you do not want to experience yourself. Because if you treat others unfairly, others will treat you exactly the same way. ?What goes around, comes around.?

It is easy to tell which causes will bring good results, and which will bring negative ones. Every good cause will produce positive results. If you put all your heart into your work, you will be paid abundantly for that. If you try to find shortcuts or produce poor results because of your attitude, then you will be poorly paid.

Some people misunderstand the law of cause and effect and cannot realise why they are not successful although they work hard. This is because working hard does not produce any value. It only drains your energy and makes you struggle. That, in turn, produces poor results.

Working hard is the worst way to work. You should enjoy your work and put your heart into it, produce value with love. This is exactly opposite to the hard work and struggle. The more enjoyment, energy and heart you will put into your work, the more successful you will become.

That is why pursuing passion is the best way to live. You will effortlessly create value if you are doing what you love.

Also, if you want to be very successful, you should try to cause positive effects that many people will benefit from. The more people you can benefit from what you create, the more successful you will become.

You will notice that whenever you create something ?to the highest good for all?, the less obstacles you will experience. It will be as though you are completely in the flow and everyone is there to help you.

The law of cause and effect is especially clearly seen in money matters. Whenever you spend your money with the scarcity in mind, you will receive money slower or no money at all. Whenever you spend money with faith that more is coming in, the quicker you will receive even more than you spent.

If you donate money with the hope that your donation will improve someone’s life, you will be returned much more than you have donated.

If someone is treating you unfairly, but you always respond fairly, you will only be rewarded. Maybe not instantly, but later on something will happen in your life that will compensate you for your fairness.

Whereas the person that wronged you will be wronged at some point too. The law of cause and effect makes no exceptions.

Whenever you are about to take some action, try to quickly assess if that action will bring positive or negative effect to your life.

Therefore if you are about to undertake some project, but you feel lazy, you can ask yourself if, working in such state of mind, will produce positive results. This will save you from poor performance.

The more positive actions you take, the more successful your will become. It is better to take less actions, but to make every single action perfect.

If you take many mediocre actions it will result in poor results and no success. The law of cause and effect never fails.


The law of cause and effect can change your life dramatically only if you understand the effects your actions will bring. It is easy to understand which causes will produce good results because every positive cause will always bring positive effect.

You should not worry if you still get negative results although you take only positive actions. These are only consequences of your past mistakes. You will gradually eliminate such causes and only positive results will be evident in your life.

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Posted By: amazinggracey | 7/10/13 11:50 AM
These are some really great tips and points to live by. I am going to use these ideas and actions in my everyday life.
Posted By: Melly0917 | 7/10/13 3:34 PM
If you want it bad you are gonna have to work for it!
Posted By: RiseUpKelly | 7/10/13 9:17 PM
Posted By: ArtlebowConnection | 7/10/13 8:39 PM
The law of cause and effect is very basic to me. My conscience dictates that I get (mostly) good karma back. I'm no angel!
Posted By: jackdanielsshots | 7/17/13 7:12 PM
This is tried and true. Has never wavered.

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