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Does Karma Exist?
Article by: Popoverdose
July 16, 2013

If you haven't guessed by now, karma comes in two flavors: positive and negative. In the case of negative karma, you become the victim of your own past misdeeds coming back at you. In the case of positive karma, you become the recipient of many years of goodness. Positive karma is, generally, not focused upon because who really concerns themselves with good or desired influences reaching up from the past and affecting them? For the most part, these positive karmic- waves go unnoticed because they cause you no discomfort. However, when a karmic force is negative, it tends to be quite undesirable and quite noticeable.

Of course, the best way to control negative karma is not to generate it at all. You do that by living your life in accordance with the Solar Creative Forces and Universal Laws. However, when you reach the point where you are now (learning how to control your actions and your reality-creating and keeping those actions within permitted boundaries) your past haphazard karmic-waves can inhibit you from experiencing the reality that you are learning to create.

Ancient magicians knew about past karma coming forward and hindering the apprentice from learning the intricacies of thought-control and reality-creating. They devised practices to purge themselves of past negative karma. These practices heightened the magician's senses and power- level so that he could go backward in time and remove some of that karmic burden. This process, which we'll call a Worming, leads to past negative karmic-actions being wormed-out of existence. Afterwards, the negatively-predisposed, karmic-wave, which was acting upon the individual, unravels, and soon is replaced by the new karmic-wave, reaching from the new past. The laws of Simultaneous Time and Probabilities demand that if the first (the old negative karmic-wave from the past reaching forward) is so, then the latter (the new karmic-wave, from the past, replacing the old one in the present) must also be so.

Let's briefly recap Simultaneous Time and Probabilities a bit here, being they are important to understanding karma and its influence on you.

Simultaneous Time is the idea that past, present, and future all exist independently and simultaneously. It's moments of time all existing someplace within the Universe, like how the various rooms in your house exist separately, yet connect to each other. And, like those rooms in your house, which you walk so easily through, so too do you walk just as easily from your present- room to your future-room. If your future did not tangibly exist someplace, there would be no place for you to step into. Just like stepping from one room of the house to another, you can not step into a room that does not exist, right?. So, if these future rooms did not exist someplace, you would be unable to walk into them. Naturally, your past-rooms -- the places where you have walked before -- still exist someplace in the Universe too. Past-rooms, like future-rooms, do not cease to exist, just because you stepped out of them.

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Posted By: MixedPops67 | 7/16/13 6:22 PM
What? Sounds a little wormy to me. I like the basic karma stuff though!
Posted By: VendingMachines | 7/16/13 7:16 PM
Posted By: Cah4Karma56 | 7/19/13 5:24 PM
Simple and confidently answered. I like that.
Posted By: jackdanielsshots | 7/17/13 5:32 PM
I just got super confused... What happened to just the basic karma stuff? This is like algebra. I understand math, but as soon as you through in the alphabet, then my brain shuts down.
Posted By: 1BigOlerat | 7/17/13 7:15 PM
In this world nothing happens to a person that he does not for some reason or other deserve. Usually, men of ordinary intellect cannot comprehend the actual reason or reasons karma functions on.
Posted By: Iwantthetruth | 7/17/13 7:50 PM
Even if things don't go your way, don't be disheartened or give up. Continue to advance and in the end you will win the race.

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