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Technology and good karma unite a nation
Article by: ericsson.com
July 26, 2013

On May 5, 2013 (known locally as “505”), Malaysians went to the polls to elect their government for the 13th time. Being a nation of colorful cultures and diverse racial, ethnic and religious backgrounds, this election was bound to be an impressive show. Being a nation that is also rapidly embracing innovation, it was also bound to be a test of how technology can impact the democratic process.

Since independence in 1957, the political atmosphere in Malaysia has been lively, to put it mildly. Over the years the country has seen its share of scandals, mud-slinging and negative campaigning, but recently, with the emergence of social media, Malaysians from across the political divide have been given greater influence in the direction and tone of the political process.

This election started out with a fair amount of negative messaging and spin, but then something happened. A large percentage of Malaysians would have none of it and as the social media discussions kicked into high gear, the negative content was gradually overcome by messages of solidarity, rational thinking, love and humor. The sort of intense spiritual and tear-jerking stuff that Korean soap operas are made of – Malaysia really boleh (“Malaysia can do it”)!

I must admit that I got carried away in the spread of positivity, affirmation and brotherhood. I joined my fellow Malaysians in creating, posting and sharing bipartisan and neutral messages. Someone had to do it and I believe that this is just the beginning.

I never really thought I would see this in a nation just over 55 years old, but this is one example of what technology for good can do. 

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Posted By: hammersTime | 7/26/13 6:12 PM
Lets hope it stays positive unlike all the negativity on twitter and Facebook in the U.S.
Posted By: Banked1M | 7/29/13 3:22 PM
We all move ahead together :)
Posted By: SSBirmingham | 7/30/13 1:38 PM
Every country should be free and have a democracy
Posted By: RotarsNBrakes | 7/30/13 8:01 PM
social media is changing the world.

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