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The dangers of allowing negative karma to remain on your mind
Article by: Kadampaworkingdad
July 31, 2013

Our personal world is a dream world arising from our karma. Because the karma that is ripening on our mind is contaminated karma, when these dream worlds ripen, they appear to us as being ‘real’ worlds.  Out of ignorance, we believe this appearance and experience our world as such.

The problem is this:  we have spend at least 99% of our previous lives in the lower realms, and 99% of our actions have been negative actions (while in the lower realms, basically all of our actions were negative).  It is true that in this life we are not engaging in significant negativities, though we are still engaging in some.  But this life is an exception, a brief period of relative non-negativity in an infinite history of non-virtue.  It is also true that I have done next to nothing to purify my negative karma.  Out of a false arrogance from the fact that little negative karma is ripening right now, I arrogantly assume that I do not have a lot of negative karma which remains on my mind.  Or I ignorantly become lulled into a false sense of security because things are OK right now. 

The reality is the only reason why I am not being crushed by my negativity is I am being protected by Dorje Shugden.  His protection circle holds back the fires of my negative karma.  He has provided me with the space necessary to create more virtue and to purify the negativities which plague my mind.  But the point is this:  for as long as these negative seeds remain on my mind, I remain in extreme danger of falling into the lower realms.  Once I fall, I will engage in almost exclusively negative actions, and I will be forced to undergo unimaginable sufferings for incalculably long periods of time.  I will lose everything I have worked so hard for.  Even if the risk is only 1% that this will happen, because the impact of it happening is infinite, this is an infinite risk.  It is just too dangerous to remain.  If I don’t use the space that Dorje Shuden has provided me to purify my mind of its negative karma, then the risk is always there. 

I must take the time and apply effort to purify my mind before it is too late.  It does not take much.  All I need to do is generate a strong regret about my negativities before I engage in my daily practice and then intend to engage in my practice as a means of purifying that negative karma.  It adds one minute to my contemplations before I start, but could save my life.

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Posted By: LurkingYourAzz | 7/31/13 7:56 PM
That is some pretty deep stuff, I must be dreaming now.
Posted By: ShesAKeeper6 | 8/01/13 7:04 PM
The article says you should generate a strong regret about all your negativity, daily, to purify your negative Karma.
Posted By: SurrenderHank | 8/01/13 4:35 PM
I believe in that crushed by negativity stuff .... bad thoughts bring people down all the time.
Posted By: andrewM | 8/05/13 3:29 PM
Really being remorseful and making an effort to right your wrongs will give you good karma
Posted By: kutieKate0611 | 8/05/13 4:08 PM
Deal with whatever is impacting your life in a negative way and say goodbye to it forever

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