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Did good deed backfire against Walmart shopper?
Article by: westside.14news.com
October 12, 2013

An Evansville woman is wondering if a man who helped her put her groceries into her vehicle outside Walmart may have stolen cash from her wallet.

The woman told police a white man about 5’6 tall with dark hair approached her in the parking lot of the west side store about 11:30.  She said the man asked her if he could have some ice for his package of hot dogs.  The woman thought the request was a little odd but allowed him to help her unload her cart and then gave him some ice.

The victim then stated that the man told her he would put her cart away.  Later, she realized her billfold was missing.  She thinks the billfold was still in the cart or the offender picked it up after she placed it in her vehicle. 

The woman went back to the store and was told by employees that her wallet was found in one of the aisles.  The only thing missing from her wallet was cash.

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Posted By: Verona | 11/05/13 11:24 AM
I hope karma comes back to get his butt
Posted By: 2teller | 11/05/13 11:59 AM
Some people are just broken inside
Posted By: StayPut | 11/07/13 10:21 AM
Posted By: LittleMAC | 11/07/13 10:53 AM
Isnt there cameras in the parking lot cant they just watching what car he gets into and contact the police

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