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Local woman combines passion for food, helping others
Article by: 620 WTMJ
October 30, 2013

MILWAUKEE - A local woman combines her passion for food and helping others into a very special mission.  

The whole idea is to help people change their lives, through food.  It's a life long dream for Kathy Papineau, and she got a little motivation along the way from her young niece.
11-year-old Lydia Winans loves helping her aunt cook.  Lydia has Down syndrome; when she was born there wasn't a lot of information out there.  So her mom, Jane, had to find her own way. "Our kids are set up for diabetes, our kids are set up for leukemia."  Jane discovered food made a difference.  "Feed them foods that don't have toxins, things that are real."  It has helped Lydia with many of the typical symptoms associated with Down syndrome.
And healing through food is something Lydia's aunt, Kathy Papineau, wants to share with others. So she built a commercial kitchen in Milwaukee.  "My kitchen is about bringing a community of people together to treat to their health issues."  
Branching out from her catering company and one of its most popular items "Soup In A Jar" Kathy is hoping to share more of her emphasis on fresh, local ingredients.  "They'll be able to can 100 pounds of tomatoes so they'll never have to go to the grocery store," she told us.  Her kitchen is your kitchen, for rent. From canning to making soup that will last the winter.
Something Jane and her family love to do, with the help of a big kitchen.  They canned 50 gallons of minestrone soup! Something that's difficult to do in a typical kitchen.
Kathy's plan is to give folks access to affordable and healthy food.  "Bring a crew of people in here and do it together. It will be cost effective, and it will be quick."  And Kathy hopes, fun like it is for her family.
Kathy will soon offer classes to help people create their own healthy meals to take home.  Click here for more information on MKE Localicious. 
Jane Winans also started a foundation to increase awareness and educate parents and doctors on all things related to Down syndrome.  Go to Down Syndrome Options for more.

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Posted By: Verona | 11/05/13 11:20 AM
Posted By: 2teller | 11/05/13 11:55 AM
The 11 yr old is learning a lot from her wonderful Aunt
Posted By: StayPut | 11/07/13 10:16 AM
Teaching them giving back to people at a young age when they are impressionable is really good Karma
Posted By: LittleMAC | 11/07/13 10:48 AM
Not only is she giving her time to these people but she is making sure they have the best ingredients too what a nice woman
Posted By: WillieBrooks | 11/12/13 4:01 PM
She should teach classes like this in high schools so kids can learn about cooking, health, and charity

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