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Police Commissioner: 'We're the good guys'
Article by: 3 News
November 07, 2013

Police Commissioner Peter Marshall says the public is losing focus in turning on the police over their widely criticised handling of the Roast Busters investigation.

And the Law Society, while critical of the police's inability – or unwillingness – to lay charges against the group of west Auckland teenagers, says police were right to ask one of the alleged victims what she was wearing the night she was allegedly sexually abused.

Yesterday Police Minister Anne Tolley announced there would be an Independent Police Conduct Authority (IPCA) investigation into the two-year investigation, which has failed to lay a single charge despite at least four alleged victims coming forward.

Appearing on Firstline this morning, Mr Marshall said police welcome the IPCA investigation.

"I think we're actually the good guys in this business. We're losing focus in relation to these young men who are out there doing what has been reported," he says.

One victim, who was 13 years old at the time she was allegedly sexually abused by two members of the Roast Busters, gave a formal statement to police in December 2011, but no charges were laid. Mr Marshall says there wasn't enough evidence to lay a charge against her alleged attackers.

"Bear in mind you only have one opportunity – if a person is discharged, you can't re-lay the charge."

The Roast Busters' activities were detailed on a Facebook page, but Mr Marshall says this didn't reach the evidential threshold required to lay a charge because their admissions couldn't be linked to any particular complainant.

"If there was, we would have put the person before the court, with the other evidence that might have been available," says Mr Marshall.

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Posted By: WillieBrooks | 11/12/13 3:59 PM
To have a 13 year old kid go through something like that is so horrible
Posted By: Totah | 11/12/13 11:18 PM
doesnt sound like it....
Posted By: Love2all | 11/13/13 12:38 PM
That makes me sick to my stomach they would ask her that
Posted By: orangegrove | 11/13/13 2:47 PM
Some good guys that dont help
Posted By: LaceyW | 11/19/13 11:58 AM
Try a little harder!

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