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Casa de Luz - Las Vegas, NV
Cause by: KarmaVille Staff
February 16, 2012

Casa de Luz is a missionary resource center and church located in the “Naked City” area behind the Stratosphere at 2412 Tam Dr. Casa de Luz (House of Light) serves not only as the name of our building, but also as a constant reminder of our purpose, which is to bring the light of hope and transformation into this dark place. Our purpose is fulfilled by bringing help to individuals and families through meeting their basic physical needs for food, clothing and household items. Additionally, we bring hope to families by offering basic life skills training and programs designed and proven to help people overcome addictions. 
Casa de Luz is resource center for the Christian community. Many Christians through our ministry partnerships have participated in a variety of ministry/ outreach events designed to get the Christian out of their comfort zones and onto the front lines where many have realized a stronger sense of their gifts and callings. We have been blessed with the respect and support of many prominent leaders within our local government, business community, faith community and law enforcement; and we have partnered alongside them in events aimed at providing assistance and hope to the poor of Las Vegas.

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