Mitt Romney
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Mitt Romney's campaign begins to stumble
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1/22/12 3:06 PM
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Even a week ago, it seemed like everything was coming up Romney - after winning the Iowa caucus and taking New Hampshire, the Republican presidential contender was apparently on the fast-track to a nomination. However, things have started to unravel in the past few days. According to Business Insider, trouble began when the results in Iowa were thrown into question - what was once a Romney win is now unclear at best, and at worst a narrow victory for Rick Santorum.

Now, his lead in South Carolina is starting to dwindle. Could this all be karmic retribution coming to bite him in the rear? According to Politico, during his time as CEO of Bain, some clever accounting allowed his company to avoid paying any corporate income taxes in the United States. There has also been some controversy over his apparent hesitance to release tax returns, which is regarded as a standard act of transparency by many voters.

Although you can keep your skeletons in the closet, the universe knows what you've done, and karma will come back to make up for past actions, no matter how well-hidden they may be.

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