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Jingle Ball Stars' Good Deeds That Will Make You Smile
Posted By: LongWind
12/12/13 1:17 AM
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There's nothing like the holiday season to inspire us to get into the giving spirit. Look past the overcrowded malls and the drunken Santa Claus impersonators, and you'll find plenty of people eager to give back and help others. Not only is Z100's Jingle Ball is getting into the giving spirit by donating ticket sales proceeds from the show to the Ryan Seacrest Foundation, which works to inspire youth through entertainment and education-focused initiatives, but several of the A-list performers on the bill have been doing good deeds of their own all year long.

In addition to writing the hit song, "Same Love," which promotes tolerance and gay rights, rapper Macklemore recently took time out of his hectic schedule to visit a college student diagnosed with leukemia. When the Seattle MC born Ben Haggerty heard from a friend that the student was a big fan and had to miss a Macklemore and Ryan Lewis concert because of his illness, Macklemore hopped in a car after the show to visit the young man in the hospital.

Macklemore blogged about the experience, writing, "These types of experiences are important for me. They bring me back to a place of gratitude and give life a tangible value, beyond the instant gratification that my job provides. Being a rapper is one of the most narcissistic careers in the world. You are surrounded by yourself: interviews, Twitter, Facebook, Billboard charts, YouTube plays, shows, the crowds, awards etc. Fame suffocates the spirit and consumes you if you let it. You wake up thinking about you, and go to bed thinking about you. That’s not a good place to be... doing something like meeting Sam this afternoon gave me a small opportunity to be of service to someone else. I am able to realize that my problems are NOTHING compared to what him and his family are going through. And hopefully the visit made his day a little better and got him through another 24. That’s what matters in the end." You said it, brother.

Meanwhile, Selena Gomez made the day of a young fan whom she ran into at the Vancouver airport. When the pop star discovered that the girl was a huge admirer, she offered her tickets to her show and they posed for pictures together. Gomez posted a photo of the adorable encounter on Instagram with the caption, "Met this little at the airport. Ended up on the same flight and gave her tickets to my show hehe I kinda like my job,' S" What's more, Gomez is a UNICEF ambassador, advocating for the world's most vulnerable children by participating in numerous campaigns, events, and initiatives on behalf of the humanitarian aid organization. Go Selena!

While it may appear that Miley Cyrus devotes most of her time to crafting her bad-girl image, she showed her soft side when she came across an abandoned puppy and adopted him. On Twitter, she wrote: "yes :( he was left in a box Infront of Walmart. I don't understand how people can be so cruel. That's why we named him Happy." She also surprised a couple with an unexpected good deed after she interrupted their dinner at an upscale New York eatery. The couple was reportedly celebrating their anniversary when Cyrus and her pal caused some chaos by being rowdy and noisy. After the couple complained, the "Wrecking Ball" singer went over to them and apologized, snapped some pics and explained that she'd had too much caffeine. Then she reportedly dropped a c note to cover the cost of their meal. Classy!

Bad boy Robin Thicke is also using his powers for good. The "Blurred Lines" crooner teamed up with Tickets for Charity to raise funds for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital and the Natural Resources Defense Council, donating money from his concert ticket sales to the non-profits' worthy missions.

Meanwhile, Spanish heartthrob Enrique Iglesias is tying it all back to the Jingle Ball beneficiary. The singer recently posted a photo on his blog of himself hanging with children in the Ryan Seacrest Foundation's arts and education programs with the caption, "Thanks @ryanfoundation for letting me hang with the kids today!" Gotta love it -- handsome, talented and generous!

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