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'Waiter' Delivers Food to Surprised Homeless People
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3/20/14 10:51 AM
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A group of homeless people in California were shocked to see not just a man giving them food on the street, but doing so dressed in a waiter's uniform and carrying a serving tray.

The surprise came courtesy of DJ Sennett, a 21-year-old musician and YouTube star normally known for hidden camera pranks such as drinking a blue sports drink from a Windex bottle.

Sennett said he was inspired by the charitable videos he's seen on YouTube - stunts like handing out $100 to strangers - to do something new, but wanted his video to have a twist.

"I wanted to be creative with it," said Sennett.

The inspiration for Sennett's turn as a waiter came as the Los Angeles resident was passing homeless people on the street on his way home from a gig playing music at a bar one night and realized his bar uniform made him look like a waiter.

"It sparked an idea," he said. "A friend and I went to a local grocery store and bought a bunch of pre-made food and drove around delivering it over a span of three days."

Sennett approached each person - he estimates he fed around 16 people in total - as if they had placed the order in a restaurant and he was simply delivering their food.

"They were shocked and trying to figure out if I got the wrong person," Sennett said of the reactions he got. "Then they figured out what I was doing and they were so grateful and I could tell they were so happy."

A friend of Sennett's captured the good deeds on camera and Sennett posted the video on Tuesday to his YouTube page, where it has already received more than 100,000 views.

Sennett said he hopes the people who watch the video will be inspired to do good deeds, as the experience has also inspired him to change his prankster ways.

"When I started the channel in high school it was just kind of messing around doing stupid stuff, but it's turned into something now where I realize I have an audience and I have a voice with it," Sennett said. "This one has led me to realize I can do something more with it than just be silly on camera."

"It's inspired me to come up with creative things that are not only funny to people but that have a message behind them," he said.

Of the roughly 16 people Sennett interacted with for this video, he said the comments of one homeless man will stay with him forever.

"He was saying something along the lines of, 'I used to eat like this,' and, 'This made my day,'" Sennett recalled. "It was kind of surreal so we sat and talked for a while." iter-delivers-food-surprised-homeless-people-**--abc-news-to pstories.html?vp=1

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