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Dawn Keim
Mom Hears Her Son's Voice For The First Time On The Doctors
Posted By: ParisParis
2/07/13 12:34 PM

Little else can compare with the experience of hearing your 8-year-old son for the first time in your life. Just ask Dawn Keim. Fifteen years ago, the 43-year-old mother from El Paso, Texas, gradually began losing her hearing due to a genetic condition. She thought she'd never hear her children again. But last November, daytime talk show 'The Doctors' followed Keim as she took the opportunity to have her hearing restored through a breakthrough procedure. The episode featuring Keim's emergence from "more than...

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My last...
Posted By: MizCeeDub
2/07/13 8:29 PM

I was at the gas pump at ampm. I had just gotten off work, was tired, but hadn't made any money that day. I was beyond "e", and I needed gas. I had $15 bucks to my name. As I went to the machine to pay for my gas, a woman and her young daughter approached me. She said, "Im sorry to bother you, but I was just hoping you could spare a dollar to buy my daughter a bag...
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