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Porcshe the cat
Lost during Sandy, returns after 6 months
Posted By: Shakeit
5/07/13 9:49 AM

Countless heartbreaking stories related to Superstorm Sandy have made the news. So a story with a happy ending is met with such enthusiasm and excitement that everyone wants to share it. Today's topic is just that, a story with a happy ending. When Sandy devastated the East Coast in late October, the Roberts family, from Chadwick Island, New Jersey, was evacuated to a relative's home just eight miles away in Point Pleasant. They brought along their beloved pet, a cat...

Matt Kemp
Matt Kemp's touching gesture to fan
Posted By: WizKid
5/08/13 9:48 AM

LOS ANGELES – There was never supposed to be a video. Matt Kemp's uncommon act of kindness was never supposed to go farther than an ailing boy, his dad and the baseball star. And yet when Kemp awakened Tuesday morning, 36 hours afterward, his phone told him otherwise. The video was everywhere. No, there was never supposed to be evidence beyond the ailing boy's memory, and perhaps a shelf in his room. Maybe he's wearing Kemp's cap. Maybe he's still...
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