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Andre Agassi
Raised 175 million for charity
Posted By: Colorful
11/15/12 12:43 PM

Andre Agassi is adored in his native Las Vegas and, granted, winning eight Grand Slams and 60 men's singles titles might have a bit to do with that. Everybody loves a winner, after all. Las Vegans, though, adore Agassi for far more than his ability to run down a shot or return a serve. He's become an icon in the community with his philanthropic efforts, particularly his work to improve the quality of the American education system. If there...

Chico Quinones
Man saves girl from crash
Posted By: rabbit
11/16/12 8:42 AM

Chico Quinones and his wife were inside their Milwaukee home watching TV late Saturday night when he heard a crash. "I heard like two trains colliding, that is what it sounded like," he said. When he rushed outside, he saw that two SUVs and a car had collided in the street across from his home in the city's South Side neighborhood. Quinones had a security camera pointed at the street, and caught the entire incident on video. In the video,...
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