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Coca Cola
Coca-Cola ATM gives money away
Posted By: Seashore
2/26/13 10:15 AM

They say money can’t buy you happiness, but if you got free money for doing nothing, you’d probably be pretty happy. That’s what Coca Cola is betting on with its “The ATM of Happiness” in Spain. The one catch is that you have to share the money with others. As part of Coke’s ongoing Share Happiness campaign, McCann Spain came up with “The ATM of Happiness” to encourage people to share and make others happy. The ATM gave 100 euros...

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift attends fan's bridal shower, even brings gifts
Posted By: GoIden
4/15/14 1:11 PM

Taylor Swift did something pretty awesome for a fan. Not only did she show up to her fan's bridal shower - she also brought gifts! Swift roadtripped all the way to Ohio so she could go to a fan named Gena's big day. The two met at a meet-and-greet in 2007. Gena sent Swift an invitation to the wedding, but reportedly the singer couldn't make that, so she showed up at the bridal shower. She did, though, make the shower. This was...
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