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Hannah Feda
Down Syndrome girls gets personal doll
Posted By: CrawdadK
4/05/13 10:30 AM

When Hannah Feda was 9 years old, she was flipping through a toy catalog and noticed that there were dolls that resembled her younger sister, but none that looked like her. Hannah, who is now 13, has Down syndrome. Hannah' s mother, Connie Feda, then began to look for dolls designed with Down syndrome characteristics but she was displeased with the options already on the market, feeling they weren't adequate reflections. She decided to create a doll for children like Hannah to...

Halle Berry
Halle Berry Is Pregnant
Posted By: KramersBroAimer
4/05/13 2:19 PM

Last year, Halle Berry said that her daughter Nahla had been hoping for a younger sibling, and the 4-year-old is finally getting her wish: ABC has confirmed that the actress, 46, is pregnant. “[Nah la] says, ‘God, please bring me a bunk bed and a baby sister,’” she said last fall. “I say, ‘I can do one of those things, I know for sure. The other one, we’ve got to keep praying on.’” Berry and her fiancé Olivier Martinez, 47, are expecting...
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