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Kermie Dog
Cancer stricken dog waits for soldier
Posted By: CalmSoul
4/30/13 9:07 AM

Veterinarians diagnosed Kermie with cancer very shortly after her owner, Eric Ralston, was deployed overseas for eight months serving the U.S. Navy, according to the Daily Mail U.K. Though the 11-year-old Lab/Beagle/Chow Chow mix was not given much time to live, she beat the odds and survived to welcome Ralston home. Only a month after Ralston was deployed to Guam, his wife, Jennifer, noticed that Kermie had developed unusually foul breath. An examination led to a devastating diagnosis: Kermie had...

Toby Burke
Saved family from attacking bear
Posted By: ToneDown
5/01/13 9:56 AM

An Alaska man and his family are counting their blessings after walking away with minor injuries from a hands-on scuffle with a bear. "When the bear was headed towards us, we were like, 'OK, it's do or die now,'" Toby Burke, a wildlife biologist for Kenai National Wildlife Refuge, told ABC News. On Sunday afternoon, Burke, 48, along with his wife, Laura, and three children decided to go bird watching along the Alaskan Kasilof River Beach. The sun was out...
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