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Whitney Kropp
Town Of West Branch, Mich., Comes Out In Support Of Bullied Teen
Posted By: Kris10
9/25/12 12:43 PM

UPDATE: As of September 25, 3 pm, the Support Whitney Kropp Facebook page has 55,000 likes. In what is possibly the most heartwarming story of the week, an entire community in Michigan has come out in support of a bullied teen. Whitney Kropp was ecstatic when she heard she was nominated for homecoming court at Ogemaw Heights High in West Branch, Mich., My Fox Detroit reports. The high school sophomore had been bullied in the past for her black clothing and multicolored hair,...

Tom Grant
Catches state record gator
Posted By: piggy67
9/26/12 11:16 AM

After the massive alligator had been hooked, hunter Tom Grant said, "It was an hour and a half of pure tug-of-war and chaos before we finally had him restrained." That four-man effort, on Friday at a private hunting ranch in Mississippi, resulted in the capture of a gator weighing 697.5 pounds, the heaviest-ever in the state and among the heaviest ever harvested. The lower Mississippi River Delta region consists largely of hunting clubs, timber land, plantations and wildlife management areas. Grant...
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