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Donne Scheer
Reunited with mother after 37 years
Posted By: ToneDown
5/01/13 10:15 AM

Donna Scheer of Levittown, Pennsylvania was reunited with her biological mother 37 years after she was given up for adoption, thanks to Facebook. Scheer spent years trying to find her biological mom through traditional means like snail mail adoption registries. However, it was only when she utilized Facebook, searching her birth mother’s maiden name, that she had success. "I always thought it was kind of neat that my birth certificate had 'Baby Girl Gladwin' on it so right there was...

Gus Dorman
Gus Dorman, 5-Year-Old Boy Genius, Inducted Into Mensa
Posted By: OliverP
5/01/13 1:18 PM

Gus Dorman may just be one of the world's smartest 5-year-olds. Acco rding to St. Louis Post-Dispatch, the boy genius has been inducted into the world's preeminent smart club, Mensa, after scoring a very impressive 147 on a recent IQ test. “He started reading when he was 18-months-old,” said Gus' dad, Rob. “He was sitting on the porta-potty reading a newspaper. I noticed that he liked to look at maps so I put one up. In about a week's time, he had memorized...
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