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Agustin Lizama
Former Gang Member Turns His Life Around
Posted By: JakeJ
4/04/13 1:32 PM

LOS ANGELES -- When Agustin Lizama was 11 years old, he joined a gang. When he was 12, he was shot. He remembers coming home from school that day and heading down to the corner store, where his brother, then 15, was hanging out with their other fellow gang members. A car drove by and one of the occupants fired a 12-gauge shotgun at close range. "I looked down and saw half my thumb and a couple pieces were still there, but...

Kyndall Jack
Missing hiker rescued
Posted By: CrawdadK
4/05/13 10:23 AM

RANCHO SANTA MARGARITA, Calif. (AP) — At first, the rescuers couldn't believe their ears: After four days of grueling searching, they suddenly heard a faint female voice calling for help. Over the next 90 agonizing minutes, the cries for help — and first faint, and then louder — led the search and rescue crew across a canyon, into a drainage and up several waterfalls to a near-vertical slope where lost hiker Kyndall Jack was clinging to rocky outcropping no bigger...
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