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Paige Raque
Cheerleader who fell out of 5th-story window is released from hospital
Posted By: Icequeen
12/06/12 7:41 AM

The Penn State cheerleader who nearly died when she fell out a fifth-floor window at an off-campus party is speaking and walking for the first time in weeks. Paige Raque, a sophomore at the university, suffered severe brain damage and a crushed pelvis after the Oct. 13 fall. The 19-year-old credits prayers from well-wishers for her miraculous recovery. “I needed it,” she said at a press conference Tuesday at the Frazier Rehab Institute in Louisville, Ky. “I needed every single person who rallied...


Kevin Briggs
Protector of the bridge
Posted By: Overlapped
12/06/12 10:07 AM

Since shortly after its construction in 1937, San Francisco's Golden Gate bridge has held the tragic title of the world's most popular place to commit suicide. After years of preventative measures such as crisis hotlines on the pedestrian path, 37 people still lept to their death in 2011; officials worry even talking about the tally could make it more popular. The job of trying to stop those in the act falls on the California Highway Patrol -- including Sgt. Kevin...
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