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GENLUX Magazine - The Owner's Manual: James McGibney
Article by: KarmaVille Staff
January 16, 2012

James McGibney could be called the Robin Hood of Romance!

He's a bona fide hero, having served several tours in the U.S. Marine Corps. Now he's a successful Internet entrepreneur and media personality connecting happy singles on Cupidville.com and protecting others from the heartache of unfaithful partners on Cheaterville.com. He's also getting ready to launch KarmaVille.com in a matter of weeks. Along with Mario Lopez, John Paul DeJoria (founder, John Paul Mitchell), and Maria Menounos, McGibney is also a regular contributor on Dr. Drew Pinsky's Lifechangers, the CW daytime talk show. 
So what does this modern day Robin Hood ride on his escapes? Forget the horse, his wheels include a '56 Chevy Bel Air.

Brand of Moisturizer?

Guy Grooming Product I Can't Live Without . . . 
Deodorant - because I'm constantly on the hot seat with the media. 

Fave Scent or Cologne? 
Aqua Di Gio

My fave way to sweat? 
Handling the media hot seat about CheaterVille. 

Fave brand of jeans? 
American Rag

Brand of sneakers/tennis shoes?
I wear flip flops everywhere I go.

Fave clothing brands?
Anything but Ed Hardy. 

How would you describe your fashion sense?
Perfect, since my wife dresses me. It's painfully obvious the days I dress myself. 

Style icons? 
Michael Carr (former President of Playboy) he wears slippers everywhere, even to our board meetings. I love it!

Brand of sheets/linens?
The Hotel Collection 

Most extravagant home accessory/furniture?
The Bowflex Tread Climber which now is just another piece of furniture. 

Dog or cat? Names? Breeds?
One day we'd like to own a Bulldog. 

Personal decorating style? 
Anything that doesn't involve my input. 

If I didn't live in Las Vegas, I would live in . . .
La Jolla, SD! 

Eat in or dine out? 
Dine out, but with two babies, it's always dine in. 

My average commute time is:
5 minutes.

Favorite tech toy? 
XBOX Kinect. 

Wheels of Choice? 
A '56 custom Chevy Bel Air.

Text or email? 

Brand of phone?

Fave app? 
Of course my own, the CheaterVille mobile app!

Book or Kindle?
Pop up book.... seriously.

Band or recording artist de jour? 
Jim Morrison.."the west is the best, get here and we'll do the rest."

If I could only watch one TV show for the rest of my life, it would be . . . 
Aqua Teen Hunger Force or Robot Chicken! I'm a huge fan of Adult Swim!

Netflix, RedBox, Hulu or rental store? 
None of the above, if only I had the time...

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