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CheaterVille - It's Facebook for Cheaters!
Article by: By: Jeremy Meyer, Hollywood Examiner
January 18, 2012


Hollywood Examiner

Cheaters are everywhere in life. From businesses, to schools and your normal life on the streets of every city and town in the entire world. Cheaters think they can get away with everything they do because most people are oblivious to the harm a cheater can do on the person being cheated on. This column is not about the guy that cheated on his college final or the huge fortune 500 company that cheated people out of millions. This is about a cheater that's hurting men and women worldwide because they think what they have is not good enough or they're bored of the good things that they have. These are the people who believe that it's always greener on the other side.

This column is about guys and girls that cheat on there significant other instead of breaking it up and moving on. One guy has made it his mission to put relationship cheaters on blast in front of millions of people online. The internet is now more then a place to read the news or watch porn in the comfort of your own home. James McGibney is a former Marine brought up in the information age and even said he was a dork in my interview with him. Like many dorks or nerds around, he took his knowledge and skill to the world wide web and launched Cheaterville.com. According to Mr McGibney, he launched Cheaterville.com after one of his friends, another marine , who found out his perfect wife had been cheating on him. "We came back to find out that his wife had been cheating on him during his entire deployment. My friend was literally the last person to find out about her affair as it seemed like everyone else knew about it from day one."

One persons mistake became a successful business idea for the other as they created a place where cheaters are exposed to the public. CheaterVille has quickly become the one stop shop for anyone wanting to know anything about Cheating.  If you're with someone but have suspicions that they might be cheating, simply go to cheaterville.com and put in their first and last name and see what results you get. You might be surprised, or then again.....maybe not. We also have forums where people can interact with reformed cheaters to get insights as to why someone cheats in the first place." said McGibney.

It's so simple that even my mother could use it and she barely knows how to turn on her computer and check her email on a daily basis! That's actually pretty normal for someone not born into the information age. Looking at McGibney's portfolio, you quickly find out that he's on a mission and that mission is nothing but to do good for most and the worst nightmare for others. His little Ville empire of sites are growing to including more fitting brands like  CupidVille, KarmaVille and LiarVille.  The world has spoken and he discussed how the world has been begging him to launch LiarVille.com. I'm not sure the world could handle how to figure out all the Liars out there. Yes everyone, even including this columnist, who has lied a few times and spun a little white lie or two....TWO MILLION THAT IS! :-) Cheatrerville.com has 125.000 subscribers and Mr. McGibney did say he could only imagine what the numbers would be if and when LiarVille.com launches.

The people checking the site must love it but what happens to the people who's picture is blasted all over the website??? When does the cease and desist orders come up and the death treats?

"It's about 50/50. People either love it or hate it. Having said that, cheaters hate cheaterville.com, especially the habitual/narcissistic ones who have been preying on victims on dating sites like match.com and Plenty Of Fish for years.  When an alleged cheater gets posted on our site, they go into an instant rage.  We get threatened with lawsuits initially, but then that person realizes that we didn't post that information about them. The truth of the matter is that we don't even know who that person is.  The victim of the cheater was the one who posted this information about them, not us.  Usually the victim also posts that same information on their Facebook page and most likely tweeted about it as well.  We also get thousands of emails every week from people who love the website. We know for an unequivocal fact that our website has helped out a lot of people!"

Cheaters never win in the end or, as someone said to me a while back, you may have won the battle but you did not win the war. CheaterVille.com and James McGibney have the weapons needed to start taking over and providing the information people need to find out about cheaters. and it may even stop a few people from cheating because they know about the website. Those who are doing this don't want their picture posted on this site for everyone to see and laugh at! LOL! To end up on Cheaterville.com, you have to get caught in the act!

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