Noah Waddell, 12-Year-Old Piano Prodigy, Plays For Patients At Florida Hospital

Noah Waddell is a little boy with huge talent — and a big heart to match.

The 12-year-old piano prodigy has been dedicating his time and skill to soothing patients at a Florida hospital, according to ABC. He began his weekly visits to Fort Myers’ HealthPark Medical Center last year.

“He spotted the piano and said, ‘Dad, can I play the piano?’” Noah’s father Barry Waddell told ABC. “They were probably expecting ‘Twinkle, Twinkle’ or something, but they agreed.”

Noah now plays for patients, visitors and staff every Friday as a part of the Arts in Healthcare program, which welcomes volunteer musicians to help reduce stress in the hospital through their music.

The program’s director, Doug MacGregor, explained to 9 News how Noah was a great comfort to a mother and father whose son’s health was failing.

“His parents were overwhelmed with grief … and the mother came out to the atrium and saw Noah playing,” he said. “She saw he was about the same age as her son and she was overcome with relief. Noah represented something that was special at the moment. It gave her comfort.”

Although Noah is technically too young to be considered a volunteer, the hospital is happy to have the pint-sized virtuoso as a very special guest.

Ryan Wang, 5, is another piano prodigy who stole our hearts last month with his incredible skill and adorable charm. Click here to see his performance on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.”

See more amazing videos of Noah on his website.


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  1. Scene44 says:

    Im always amazed at how kids so young can be so thoughtful and give back to those around them. Great kid

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